“Was there ever any doubt?”  A high school boy’s cross-country team just won their league championship with an undefeated season.  As a part of the celebration they ordered t-shirts with this phrase emblazoned across the back.  I was doubly blessed to have a son running on that team, and to be called “coach”.

Runners are taught to do more than run “to the finish line” … they are taught to run “through the finish line”.  Runners are taught that you not only gain speed running downhill but that you also charge up every hill on the course before you.

This Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am Eastside gathers to conclude our series on “What Teens want their Parents to Know” with a look at what God’s Word teaches us about “Bringing Home Blessing”.  Bringing home blessing is a choice; after all, if we don’t bring home blessing what is the alternative?

Alex Jorgenson (the outgoing Director of Young Life in Fairport) and I have prepared a message that we believe is out of the Word of God and from the heart of God and for the people of God – words of love and hope that might inspire a greater joy and passion within each of us as we return to the place we call home each and every day.

We hope you can join us!