Birds – a beauty of creation. A joy of early summer mornings listening to them cheerfully greet the rising sun. A wonder as they effortlessly rise above us in the freedom of flight. Ahh … but a sad sight to behold when such a beautiful creature is bound by a broken wing.  No longer able to take flight. Helplessly longing to soar once again.  Ever feel like a bird with a broken wing? Try as you may working yourself into a frenzy there is no takeoff when left with only one wing.

You’re invited this Sunday as Eastside gathers at 9:30 and 11:00am for “Worship on the Patio” to begin a new series called “The Missing Piece – Peace.”  Ever wonder if there is something missing in your life?  Is there more to life than this?  Is this all there is?  But what is the missing piece? Where is the missing peace?

We promise – no “try harder, do better” lectures.  Only Words of love and hope from our God of unfailing love.  We hope you will join us as we ask our God of unfailing love to fill us to overflowing with “The Missing Piece – Peace.”

Roger W. Haskins, Jr. – Lead Pastor

PO BOX 112
Fairport, NY 14450